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"Colours, Shapes, Feelings"

New Collection 2024

In this collection, I have chosen a colour palette inspired by the icy blues, bright greens and warm earth tones of our planet, namely the impressions I brought back from my last trip to Iceland. These contrasts create a fascinating effect that inspires the diversity and beauty of nature.

The untouched beauty of Iceland, the vastness of the glaciers, the power of the volcanoes and the colourfulness of the sulphur fields made a deep impression on me. My pictures are deliberately clear and not overloaded, with fields that capture the stillness and vastness of the land in their monochrome colours.

Let yourself be carried away by the "Colours, Shapes, Feelings" and experience the harmony that arises when nature and art meet. (See the Paitings under "Artworks")

The New Collection 2024: Bio
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